Dong Hu, Chengdu


AWP’s organic design principles in planning and our understanding of Chinese living culture satisfied both the requirements of the developer and the international design quality expected by the panel of judges to win two design competitions, for the masterplan of 1000mu Dong Hu park and the architectural planning and design of the Phase 1 residential development. Not only was there an attempt to fuse eastern and western design ideas together, but AWP also introduced cutting edge efficient designs and construction technologies into the scheme as an added value to the development

The total number of residential units in the overall development is 6,000, of which Phase 1 comprised 1,000. In addition there are also local shopping facilities, a school and kindergarten, and public parks

The development received 7 awards through local Chinese surveys

Project Data

Cost: RMB 1,800,000,000

Land Area: 6,660,000 m2

Completion: 2003