Autobay@Kaki Bukit


The proposed low-rise motor-workshop complex is flanked by Kaki Bukit Road 4, Kaki Bukit Road 5 and has the longest aspect of the site facing Kaki Bukit Avenue 6.

It is located in a relatively low-rise industrial estate limited by the height controls set by the aviation authority. The irregular shaped site is surrounded by the MINDEF Driving Circuit and several sites reserved for Business – 2 developments. Accessibility to the proposed site can be tapped from 2 locations which are an advantage for the development. Vehicles can enter the site from Kaki Bukit Avenue 6 and exit via Kaki Bukit Road 4.

Project Data

Cost: S$45,000,000

Land Area: 41,566 m2

GFA: 33,327 m2

Completion: 2006-2010