Telin Data Center Hub


We are increasingly reliant on buildings and facilities of pure utility and technology that may serve humanity but are not based upon people. Data Centres (DC)are one of the most technologically advanced and fastest growing building types and are one of the largest consumers of energy on the planet, whilst theoretically serving more people indirectly than any other building type.

Telin is a state of the art colocation DC operating 24/7 to serve national and international digital business environment and sectors of computing, data storage, networking and service management.

The 52m high, 5-storey facility has a GFA of 20,000m², and built on a 8000m² site at a cost of S$ 200 Million. It is one of the world’s first purpose built Multi Tier (III & IV) DC with UTI certification for design and construction, in addition to being one of the most flexible and highest net to gross efficient facilities. It provides over 12,500m² of DC Technical Space, accommodating over 5100  computer server racks, requiring a loading capacity of 15KN /m² per floor and 25MW (17MW IT load and 8MW Cooling Load) to operate. It is a Greenmark Platinum facility being class leading in environmental sustainable design strategies related to building services, envelope design and the relative conservation of power (power utilisation effectiveness / PUE)  and water.

A design driven by Building Services and IT optimally coordinated with Architectural and Structural strategies to make it future proofed, efficient, flexible , adaptable, scalable , secure, buildable, maintainable, commercially viable, environmental sustainable and ingenuous in interpretation of authority requirements , CoP and TVRA (threat, vulnerability and risk assessment).

The building form is an articulation and relationship of key following key elements:

A Digital Box with Binary Texture sits on a Concrete Base visually held together by a Kinetic Wrap. The juxtaposition and interface of these elements defining the zones of machines, computers, people and the ingress of the natural environment.

Project Data

Cost: S$128,000,000

Land Area: 7,997.2 m2

GFA: 19,969.24 m2

Completion: 2016