JTC Chemical Hub


The facility site is on JTC land along Tuas South Avenue 5.  JTC is the developer and the facilities manager of this project.  The facility is designated to be multi-tenanted end-users that stores, packages and predominantly blends hazmat ( hazardous material ) chemicals within this facility.  The demand for a more intensive development in a land scarce environment requires further design options for the production of Solvent based ( Hazmat ) liquid located at upper floors whilst attempting to satisfy the local authority intent for the safety of the building occupants.

JTC Chemicals Hub is designed to isolate the safe zone for non-flammable and blast prone goods production and storage away from the Flammable Goods space. The Flammable/ Blast prone Goods Storage and Production units are planned and compartmentalized at the outer parameter of the building for ease of firefighting and predominantly effectively discharging and venting fire/ fume and blast incident respectively.

JTC Chemicals Hub is to be a Green Mark Gold Plus project designed with innovative integrated solar shading  and well ventilated facades for the most energy efficient operation.

Project Data

Cost: S$60,000,000

Land Area: 16,200 m2

GFA: 26,318 m2

Completion: 2016