Cleantech 2 (Competition Concept Design Entry)


AWP’s submission for CleanTech 2, is conceived as a building built for the tropics, focusing on sustainable construction, sustainable maintenance, promoting eco-lifestyle amongst building users and inspiring innovation

The site planning of the building is a direct response to both the macro and micro environment in which it is situated. The complex is split into two buildings, prised apart to allow the prevailing wind to flow into the courtyard between the buildings, whilst maintaining and extending the ‘green’ pedestrian circulation corridor that dissects the site

In section the building incorporates 4 key components. The accessible basement is designed to accommodate high bay units with 10.0m ceiling heights to accommodate overhead cranes for ‘heavy research’ programmes whilst Level 01 contains the pedestrian entrance, common facilities and parking. Levels 2 – 5 are  flexible laboratory and office spaces with 5.5m clear ceiling heights. Above this, the roof is designed to accommodate multiple layers of plant along with solar panels and rainwater harvesting

Project Data

Cost: S$97,000,000

Land Area: 14,500 m2

GFA: 38,537 m2

Completion: 2013(Concept Design)