Park Royal Hotel,Ho Chi Minh City


This 9-Storey 150-Room business hotel is located in a busy district of the city close to the airport.

Based upon the concept of a courtyard and skylit atrium, the hotel is intended as a refuge amidst the hectic pace of the city.

The guest rooms are planned around a naturally lit spacious atrium, the courtyard with the swimming pool at its center defined by a colonnaded walkway introverted towards internal landscaping.

The distinction of inside and outside spaces are broken down by the extensive use of glass to allow the courtyard to have spatial continuity with the atrium.

This spatial arrangement combined with the careful selection of landscaping, materials, colours, textures and details relevant to the cultural heritage of Vietnam allow a well-balanced design solution beyond the mere provision of a business hotel.

Project Data

Cost: S$14,000,000

Completion: 1996