Kunming Hot Spring Resort


The Hot Spring Resort is located within Kunming’s Horticultural Expo Park and comprises indoor and outdoor hot spring areas, a large entertainment complex, a 160 room hotel and the refurbishment of an existing office building

The concept for the masterplan is inspired by the terraced landscape of Yunnan, with the hot spring resort complex appearing as a series of plateaus stepping up the sloping site, providing large external terraces at each level with views over the adjacent Expo Park

Above these terraces floats the hotel component, appearing as a ‘rock’ in the landscape. The hotel rooms face over the landscaped (fifth elevation) roof of the Hot Spring or over the Chinese Garden to the west, whilst the prime hotel suites are located on the southern end of the hotel element, where the façade peels back to reveal large private balconies with pools.

Project Data

Cost: N.A

Land Area: 45,8000 m2

GFA: 13,000 m2

Completion: 2009