Hondaafushi Island Resort


The proposed island resort consists of 12 Sunset Water Villas, 36 Sunrise Water Villas. 2 Presidential Water Suites, 42 Individual Beach Front Bungalows and 8 Connecting Beach Front Bungalows with supporting facilities located on the eastern shoreline to accommodate 200 guest beds.  The resort would also provide the Maldives with its first commercial 18-Hole Golf Course, sited on the remainder of the island.

Conscious of the potential conflict between tourist growth and the natural environment our proposal for Hondaafushi in the South Thiladhunmathee Atoll is based upon a ‘stable, peaceful and in essence united…’ approach to the design.   All guest buildings and facilities have been designed and located to maximize the sensual experiences offered by the island but with all buildings being positioned and designed to minimize the physical imposition on the natural dynamic behavior and virtues of the island and its surroundings.  In view of the fragile natural equation of the Maldives, it is our belief that unlike many tropical resorts it is not acceptable for resorts to look sustainable and sympathetic to nature they should actually be sustainable and as far as possible complementary to the very environment they inhabit.

Project Data

Cost: N.A

Land Area: N.A


Completion: 2006