NUS Graduate Medical School(Competition Entry)


The proposed GMS within the Singapore General Hospital shall support the proposed curriculum of America’s Duke University and encourages translational and patient-orientated research that is essential for the Singapore healthcare system

The design aims to create a learning environment that incorporates state of the art technologies and innovative teaching methods in support of interactive learning and research. This is done through the provision of informal and formal spaces planned around visible circulation arteries that link laboratory cells and support units. Being the main component of the GMS, each modular laboratory cell is designed to be self-sufficient with service components and connects, and are internally flexible and spatially reprogrammable.  The primary boulevard spine that starts from the main floor serve as a visual connection to the upper circulation spaces, as well as direct linkages to the community concourse and other interaction nodes. Environmental sustainability and integration of building services are projected in the open atrium with venting skylight, as well as the provision of sky gardens and cafes at different levels to serve the main facilities.

Project Data

Cost: S$30,000,000

GFA: 16,500 m2

Completion: 2008(Competition)