Ridge View Residential College,NUS


This scope consist of refurbishment of 5 hostel block inclusive of all the common spaces such as management office, student lounge, seminar room, student pantry, computer room and music room. It also involves a new erection of 200-seater Dining Hall.

The existing RVR hostel has its unique character especially with its fair face brick finishes on the entire external facade. We therefore have adapted this characters on the new dining hall design. We also took into consideration of the site surrounding with its terrain land profile and existing rain tree that need to be preserve, thereby providing a building structure that blend into the surrounding and context of the existing building nearby.

With large surface of glass façade with fin walls clad in fair face brick whereby cut direct sun light penetration to the main dining space A ‘U’ shape foot print is established to accommodate the existing rain tree on the site with carefully planned column location to avoid all the tree roots. As result we have achieved a minimalist approach of the form and functions adhering to the existing site context, a well compose building with its surrounding

Project Data

Cost: S$10,000,000

Land Area:  m2

GFA:  m2

Completion: 2012