Tumen Development, Xi'an


The Tumen mixed use development is located on a strategic site on the primary boulevard to the west of the ancient walled city center. The development comprises a 100,00sqm retail mall over 5 floors, 2 towers containing office accommodation and a 286,000 sqm residential component.

The commercial design takes cues from the ‘Tumen Style’ in terms of proportion, materiality and roofscape yet is overtly contemporary in design. The large mass of the retail component is broken down into smaller scale volumes which are then juxtaposed to create interest and dynamism along the façade, whilst also integrating the design in the existing urban fabric.

The residential towers vary in height from 24 To 32 storeys and are laid out along a north south axis as is per local market requirements, yet, shifted along the east west axis to create a less regimental masterplan and create both large and pocket gardens for resident facilities.

Project Data

Cost: Confidential

Land Area: 130,649 m2

GFA: 596,126 m2

Completion: 2018(Masterplan)