Singapore Tourism Board


The Client’s brief called for more than just an efficient headquarters building, therefore right at the inception, it was considered essential that the design should have a strong identity to stand out from its urban setting. The site’s location is within an area where there is a concentration of hotels and well-developed retail facilities, which makes the area a major attraction to visitors.

The building character derives from the traditional building forms readily identifiable as being from Asia Pacific origins. The building contains thirteen levels of offices surrounding an internal courtyard garden, with a two-storey colonnaded space that is devoted to exhibition areas, public function rooms and lecture theatres. The use of the courtyard plan is a traditional feature of Asian architecture, and in this instance, the surrounding colonnade provides a through view from the street into the central courtyard, inviting visitors to make use of the central space with its lush planting as well as water pools.

Project Data

Cost: S$56,000,000

GFA: 5,005 m2

Completion: 1995