Orchard Gateway and Orchard Gateway @ Emerald
Singapore, 2006-2014
Architectural Services (excluding design)

The first project approved under the Orchard Road Development Commission (ORDEC) scheme, the project links two strategic sites across Orchard Road at the heart of Singapore’s major tourist attraction and premier shopping street. Firstly, the Redevelopment of the former Specialists Centre / Hotel Phoenix and, secondly, the former Orchard Emerald.

AWP obtained Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) approval for 50057m2 (SCHP) and 9733m2, totaling 59790m2 GFA which amounts to 40% over the current masterplan plot ratio as well as building heights for the 2 buildings exceeding the original stipulated heights under URA’s guidelines.

In terms of connectivity, AWP planned and successfully obtained two connections to the MRT Somerset Station, an Underground Shopping Passageway under Orchard Road and the first Overhead Pedestrian Bridge over Orchard Road.

Orchard Gateway is planned to be a major fashion retail mall with 4 storeys of retail above ground including premises for National Library and 2 storeys below. The building is 21 storeys in height with a hotel of over 500 rooms.

The design has achieved Green Mark Platinum.

For Orchard Gateway @ Emerald, AWP obtained enhanced plot ratio of 6.74 and enhanced height of 80m AMSL for the project.

The project is planned as a 13-storey building with a shopping podium of 6 levels matching Orchard Gateway and offices above a sky garden.

The building was awarded the Green Mark Gold.  The project includes the Singapore Tourism Board Visitors Centre at the adjacent Conservation Shophouse with its historical Peranakan architecture entrance.

Designed in association with Tange Associates.