Odeon Towers
Singapore, 1992

The 23-Storey tower is a tribute to intelligent and buildable design. A single modular grid of 1.3 meters is observed by most building components including the curtain walling system, the granite stonework, the GRC cladding and glass screens, right down to the metal ceilings, lighting fixtures and air-conditioning linear diffusers. These were designed to be prefabricated or precast off site for an uncomplicated and rapid construction. Sited in the fringe of the civic and cultural district, the tower exploits the best views of the city by spanning the full width of the site. The column free space wraps around the core on three sides thereby offering an uninterrupted vista for its occupants as well as liberating the office space.

By setting back the office building from the street frontage, a forecourt is created. This urban space is defined by a concrete and glass arcade which frames various views depending on the location of the pedestrian. It is also of interest to point out that the Raffles Hotel is exactly opposite, and from the forecourt a broad view of the façade is visible. Urban spaces bordering on a busy main road also has the effect of adding spaciousness to the streetscape Detail of the arcade with glass screen to shield pedestrian from inclement weather. A reflecting pool is located at the corner of this part of the L-shaped arcade Notably, its ingenious modular coordination and standardization systems won a Certificate of Merit at the CIDB’s Best Buildable Design Awards in 1992.