Bin Hung Parc,Ho Chi Minh City

2010 (Competition Win)

AWP entered and won the design competition for the 3.8Ha site in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City. The development comprises 628 luxury apartments in 8 towers which hover above a 22,000sqm retail and commercial podium.

The apartments, ranging in size from 85sqm to 345sqm, are housed in 6 towers running along the north and south perimeter of the site whilst two curved mixed use towers, incorporating office and a hotel, with a retail podium below’ front the major commercial spine of the larger masterplan

The mass of the building is broken down using dynamic sloping sky gardens which link the blocks together and provide jogging tracks, outdoor amenity spaces and facilities for the residents

Project Data

Cost: N.A

Land Area: 38,000 m2

GFA: 228,760 m2

Completion: 2010 (Competition Win)