Shenzhou North,Hainan


The Shenzhou North masterplan covers a 75Ha waterfront site and comprises a variety of residential developments ranging from high rise apartments to luxury waterfront villas

The overall site is divided into two by a natural hill which will be turned into a neighbourhood park with amenities and viewing areas. To the south-west of this is Phase 01, centered around a marina and commercial development. Around this focal point, residential districts of waterfront villas, townhouses, mid rise apartments and high rise towers are arranged. Phase 2 is to the north-east of the central hill and is focused around a commercial ‘island’ with retail and commercial facilities. Again, residential neighbourhoods are located around this nodal point

With the exception of key iconic buildings the waterfront is generally low rise, whilst the rear of the site comprises high rise towers of varying heights to echo the rolling terrain of the mountains behind


Project Data

Cost: S$2,000,000,000

Land Area: 750,000 m2

GFA: 750,000 m2

Completion: 2013(Masterplan)