Project Sling


Project Sling is an industrial plant to manufacture concentrates for Pepsico worldwide Flavours situated at sunview way, Singapore on JTC land. The facility is designated to be single-tenanted end-user that stores, packages and predominantly blends hazmat (hazardous material) chemicals within this facility.

The building was conceived as a highly efficient, legible, well-organized series of linked spaces running from the 2-storey office front of the entrance lobby and sales office, through packaging & storage - salts area & warehouse to the 3-storey specialized production and research areas. The office areas located at the front, benefit from maximum natural, shaded, daylighting and the enclosed, controlled environment of the production areas are located to the rear adjacent to the service areas and loading bays.

Sling is designed to isolate the safe zone for non-flammable and blast prone goods production and storage away from the Flammable Goods space. The Flammable/ Blast prone Goods Storage and Production units are planned and compartmentalized at the outer parameter of the building for ease of firefighting and predominantly effectively discharging and venting fire/ fume and blast incident respectively.

Project Data

Cost: S$350,000,000

Land Area: 6,773.6 m2

GFA: 50,041.69 m2

Completion: 2014