Engineering In Medicine Buiilding @NUS(Competition Entry)


The building concept seeks to emulate the efficiency and beauty of human biology. With the two principal elements of the brief the MERU and MEDIC acting as the muscles or the ‘Ventricles’ of the building forming the beating heart of the new EiM building. Taking the heart reference further we can see the Interaction spaces acting as the essential integration much as the ‘Valves’ do in the heart. These spaces will generate the ‘eureka’ moments when ideas are shared between students/staff and NUS/ Business. The logical conclusion to the biological referencing is the building envelope acting as the ‘ribcage’ to the building an ‘exoskeletal façade’ structure that protects, nurtures and positive environmental filter to the valuable people, functions and ideas within.

The new EiM building will form a new fulcrum point to the proposed Kent Green District of NUS. The proposal includes a major new landscaped covered route within the EiM site sheltered by the building itself. This route will allow universal pedestrian access between the Engineering Drive level (presumed level of Kent Green) and Kent Ridge Crescent. The building will form a major visual cue focal point within Kent Green District.

The building avoids major retaining structures by terracing up the existing slope. Vehicular and Pedestrian access to the building is available at both Engineering Drive 1 and Kent Ridge Crescent levels. The pedestrian route through the existing underpass can also be connected at the desired level to the terracing landscape allowing flexibility for connection during future Kent Green master planning.

Project Data

Cost: S$N.A

Land Area: N.A


Competition Year: 2015