Anglo Chinese School (Junior)


The new Anglo Chinese School (Junior) located at 16 Windstedt Road is converted from an existing secondary school. The design strategy is to adapt as much as possible the existing building and tailor it to suit the specific requirements of ACS (Junior). The new school have distinct zones for the teaching areas, facilities areas and administrative functions which are interspersed with decentralized clusters for staff rooms and in the centre of it all, a central meeting space.

New facilities include special teaching areas, upgraded classrooms, a 674-seater Performance Arts Hall, a synthetic sports field that provides all year round superior quality playing-surface for better and safer recreational opportunities, a self sustaining Eco Garden that acts as an environmental deck and a new Indoor Sports Hall

The proposed arrangement of zones and new facilities is to reflect the school’s forward-looking pedagogy which provides an all rounded learned experience containing comprehensive facilities, closer teacher-student relations through decentralized staff rooms, introduction of meeting spaces throughout the school and play spaces

Project Data

Cost: S$25,000,000

Land Area: 34,090 m2

GFA: 22,234 m2

Completion: 2009