Proposed PublicHousing Masterplan, Singapore


Planning Parameters

The proposal complies with the planning parameters providing 1,370 (min) dwelling units.  Our proposal is for 1,395 dwelling units with 16 high-rise residential blocks of 15 storeys which consist of:

2room Flexi 1 - 120 units;  2room Flexi 2 - 285 units;   3room - 105 units;  4room - 510 units;  5room - 375 units

The 6-storey MSCP block provides over 695 cars and 175 motorcycles and incorporates the 1,400m2 child-care centre and the 660m2 reserved for future child-care centers at the mezzanine (which is initially used as temporary car parking).

Neighbourhood Centre

The Neighbourhood Centre is designed as a 3 storey retail mall with the supermarket and food court at the 1st storey, both require heavy services support and they have good access to loading and unloading facilities. The food court is located adjacent to the farm way. Goods lifts are provided for delivering to upper level shops, restaurant etc. An atrium concourse is design such that the 3 levels of the mall can have good visibility, it is a space that is provided for promotional activities and itinerant shopping.

Landscape Objectives

Tengah Plantation landscaping will comply with the Green Plot Ratio stipulated to ensure minimum provision of greenery for the precinct. Sky rise greenery will be provided appropriate roof tops such as MSCP, The Neighbourhood Centre as well as the single storey F&B facilities bordering the farm way.

Every effort is made to introduce greenery and maintain spatial openness, at the same time integrated with functional requirements of the residents. ABC waterway is introduced as a prominent feature of the site.  There are convenient drop-offs for every block linked with covered walkways.


造价: S$189,547,000

占地面积: 6.54 ha