JTC Logistics Hub


AWP have been appointed as lead a consultant for the creation of the new JTC Logistics Hub (JLH) Comprises a Multi-Tenant Ramp-up Development of Warehouse building and Inland Container Depot (ICD) strengthening the Government's holistic approach to enhance Singapore’s productivity and competitiveness as a transport and logistics hub supported by excellent infrastructure.

With the necessity for JTC to intensify land use in response to increasing regional competition, Singapore has to overcome relatively higher costs of operation with the design of a highly efficient clustered multi storey automated container storage facility supported by appropriate technology to help retain Singapore’s position as a world leading Logistics Hub.

The Warehouse facility will accommodate eight levels of 10m high bay Warehouse space potentially sub-divisible into units of 1,600 to 2500m² and the ICD design can accommodate a container storage capacity of over 12,000 TEU’s (empty) spread over two  levels with associated inspection, maintenance and repair facilities.

The proposed design has been developed to maximize efficiency and safe operation by focusing on smooth single directional heavy vehicle traffic flow throughout the development with the ability to accommodate the integration of an advanced automated overhead crane system. This allows for over 70 container carrying vehicles to be inspected at one time and a through put of 70 container carrying vehicles to be loaded/ offloaded per hour for the ICD facility and a total of 128 loading bays spread over eight levels are provided for the Warehouse facility.

Project Data

Cost: S$370,000,000

Land Area: 57,922 m2

GFA: 144,076 m2

Completion: 2019