Gleneagles Hospital


This hospital redevelopment project is built to complement the existing facilities and will contain 380 beds. After completion, the total number of beds will be approximately 500. There are three basement levels containing nearly 400 car parks as it is recognized that convenient car parking is essential in hospital development. The front block of 10-Storey is a medical centre and is separately accessible for patients visiting the private practitioners and clinics.

At the same time, there is direct corridor linkage between the medical centre and the hospital so that specialists may have direct access to the surgical suites, for example within the hospital. By the third quarter of 1991, Phase I of the Medical Centre as well as car-parking facilities have been completed and open to the public. The construction of the hospital building and 2nd phase of the Medical Centre are now in progress.

Project Data

Cost: S$100,000,000

Completion: 1991(Phase 1)
1993(Phase 2)